In an initiative launched in 2015, the Kellogg Institute has invited a small number of select scholars from other institutions to enter into a long-term collaboration with the Kellogg research community as Distinguished Research Affiliates.

Recognized for their scholarship in their respective fields, the Distinguished Research Affiliates advance the Institute’s major research themes of democracy and human development through ongoing collaborative relationships with Kellogg faculty fellows and doctoral students.

Activities may include:

  • Developing research projects with faculty fellows and doctoral students 
  • Mentoring doctoral students
  • Participating in Institute academic events 
  • Advising the Institute and helping to nurture new initiatives in their areas of expertise
  • Helping disseminate Kellogg research to scholarly and policy audiences

Distinguished Research Affiliates are in residence at the Kellogg Institute several times each academic year and hold two-year appointments by invitation only.

Contact:  Denise Wright


2015–16 Distinguished Research Affiliates