The Kellogg Institute for International Studies is committed to the pursuit of scholarly excellence and to value-driven research that helps to advance human welfare around the world. Two of the most critical issues facing humanity, democracy and human development, are at the core of the Institute’s research agenda. The broad umbrella of democracy studies includes research on:

  • The founding, institutionalization, and quality of democratic regimes, including the quality of public life;
  • Democratic governability and accountability and the expansion and consolidation of human rights and the rule of law;
  • Public policies for social justice, with an emphasis on how government can foster social well-being and on linkages between government, business, and civil society;
  • The relationship between religion and politics, examining the impact of religious belief on public life and the role of religion in civil society;
  • Civil society and social movements, including their formation, activity, and inclusion in the political process, with a focus on conceptions of citizenship and political regimes types;
  • Citizen participation, such as the role of indigenous languages in the issue of participation;
  • Varieties of democracy, including conceptualization and measurement;
  • Democracy’s past and legacy.

Visiting Fellow to Join American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Kellogg Visiting Fellow George Tsebelis of the University of Michigan has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies.

On Wednesday, the Academy announced its 213 new members, who include some of the world’s most accomplished scholars, scientists, writers, and artists, as well as civic, business and philanthropic leaders.

UN Expert Visits Kellogg to Discuss International Right to Solidarity

During her visit to the Institute last month, the Kellogg Institute community had the opportunity to engage on several levels with Virginia Dandan, the UN Human Rights Council’s independent expert on human rights and international solidarity.

Based in Geneva, Dandan holds a mandate from the UN Human Rights Council to draft and present to the UN a declaration of the international right to solidarity.

A Wager for Peace: Faculty Fellow Doug Cassel Assists with Negotiations in Colombia

Peace negotiations between the Colombian government and the country’s principal leftist guerillas had come to a standstill yet again. One of the longest and bloodiest civil wars in modern history hung in the balance. A month earlier, the rebels had killed 11 soldiers at an army camp. The government retaliated, killing more than 20 guerillas, who ended their unilateral ceasefire.

Varieties of Democracy Dataset Released to Public

In a milestone for the study of democracy, the complete Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) dataset, covering some 15 million data points across 173 countries from 1900 to the present, has been made public for use by researchers and citizens around the world.

The largest and most comprehensive dataset of its kind, it enables for the first time a vast research agenda on hundreds of aspects of democracy as well as nuanced descriptive analyses that are comparable across time and space.

Democratization the Focus of Two Scholarly Gatherings

Democracy in Brazil and the phenomenon of “authoritarian successor parties” around the world were the focus of two dynamic Kellogg gatherings of social scientists co-organized by Faculty Fellow Scott Mainwaring in spring 2015. Held back-to-back in April, each drew what one participant called “a virtual who’s who” of scholars in the field.