The Kellogg Institute for International Studies is considered among the most visible and prestigious centers for the study of international issues and especially Latin America in the United States. For more than three decades, Kellogg Institute faculty and visiting fellows have helped set the research agenda on themes related to democratization and have had a significant influence on the policy-making world. Engaging key stakeholders, the Institute developed a five-year strategic plan, thinking ambitiously about the impact that we might have at Notre Dame and in the world over the next decade and beyond. We aim to redefine where Kellogg might make significant contributions, without diluting its core strengths and identity.

In the strategic plan, Kellogg places the themes of democracy and human development at the center of its work. While building on geographic strengths in Latin America and increasingly in Africa, this framing allows Kellogg to engage energetically in these themes across the globe, particularly in the developing world. Our primary ambition is to promote research, teaching, and linkages related to democracy and human development more than to specialize in specific parts of the world.

Notre Dame aspires to be among the world’s preeminent research universities, with ever-increasing international reach, while remaining true to its Catholic character. The Kellogg Institute aims to link our aspirations to the University’s broader goals in research, education, and internationalization. The plan is structured around three paramount goals for the next five years: I. Promoting research excellence on critical global challenges, and in particular on democracy and human development.

  • We aspire to maintain and enhance a position of international research preeminence in democracy studies and Latin American politics and history, achieve one of international standing in the field of human development, and make international studies a signature strength at Notre Dame. II. Providing exceptional educational opportunities for Notre Dame students.
  • We aim to help train graduate students as the next generation of scholars and to prepare undergraduates to undertake research on international themes and to be engaged citizens in an increasingly globalized world. III. Building linkages to support the University’s strategic goals on internationalization.
  • We plan to create more effective linkages across units of Notre Dame and partnerships beyond our campus, especially in key thematic areas of democratization and human development, with the goal of helping the University achieve its objectives of internationalization.

See the pdf version of the Strategic Plan.