The goal of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies’ minor in International Development Studies (IDS) is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn about and contribute to international development discourse and practice.  IDS will provide context and an academic foundation for students to analyze the dynamics of development across the globe, as well as help students develop skills for effective engagement in a complex world. 

Development studies is interdisciplinary in nature, so students are required to take courses in a variety of disciplines.

This equips students with the broad lens through which to view and investigate international development challenges.  Students from all colleges and departments are welcome to enroll in the program.

The IDS minor prepares students for a variety of post-graduate options related to international development, including graduate work in development studies, volunteer work or employment in the field, ranging from international and advocacy organizations, businesses, consulting firms, and policy and research groups.  Regardless of what career path IDS students follow, the breath and diversity of academic and field work training help prepare them to apply their learning from the classroom to the world around them. 

IDS MinorThe IDS minor was founded by the Kellogg Institute’s Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity, and today the minor is managed by the Kellogg Institute, working closely with the Ford Program. To supplement their course work, students can take advantage of the many opportunities made available by the Kellogg Institute and the Ford Program: a calendar of events, grants and internship opportunities, an annual student-led human development research conference, and other resources.

Students interested in enrolling in the minor should ensure that they can meet all requirements. See details here.

The director of the program is Steve Reifenberg, Executive Director, Kellogg Institute. Interested students may schedule a meeting with Holly Rivers, Assistant Director, Kellogg Institute.