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28 January 2016
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Her new study examines the ways that authorities—the Crown, the Archbishop, municipal and other governments—codified "difference" in 15th-century Seville (Spain) and 16th-century Lima (Peru), and asks whether the residents so characterized shared this definition: as Muslims, Jews, Indians, Blacks, and the like. While authorities sought to separate and give autonomy to groups it understood as different with respect to religion, ethnicity or race, not all members of those groups necessarily or always identified themselves through these same rubrics, instead forming community on the basis of shared interests across these characteristics. This investigation argues that our normalized categories confuse the complexity of everyday life in multi-ethnic and multi-confessional cities.

Research Areas:
Colonial Latin American history; gender and race in Latin America; the history of the Andean region; perspectives on the “other” from Iberia to the New World
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